Bib collecting, sightseeing and carb loading!

A busy Saturday in Berlin on the eve of raceday

Had a smashing day in Berlin – glorious weather – sunny spells, cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon.  I’d be happy to run in those conditions tomorrow, which should be the case.
I picked up my running number and timing chip at Templehof airport this morning which went smoothly – I managed to not get tempted to spend money on running stuff which was a result!  Saw the Bambini run which was for under 10’s – cute! 500m so not far – but was very child friendly to get the next generation hooked on running!  The airport itself was like a timewarp back to the Third Reich showing it’s impressive power – but hopelessly inadequate to modern standards!
Then hot-footed it to Checkpoint Charlie and the Berlin Wall museum – lots to take in and could have spent hours there.  Next stopped at a food court in the Berlin Mall for a pasta lunch (delicious), walked up to the Holocaust Memorial and Brandenburg Gate.  Then decided I now needed to get back to my B&B to rest my weary legs – so stopped off at a supermarket (bought a pasta salad for carbs tonight) and returned to my room.
Have just about prepared myself mentally and laid out all my kit for tomorrow as the photo.  So I think I’m ready.  Lots of anticipation for one heck of a slog tomorrow.  Will I be up to it… watch this space!  Thanks for all the recent sponsorship that has come through – it’s a great cause!

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